Hi Guys,

Welcome to my website. It’s currently a work in progress (as everything tends to be), so forgive me! If you have feedback on how to make my site better, please contact me! I was born and raised in the great state of Maine, where I developed an avid love of nature, plants, and problem solving.

My dad and my mom are both equally responsible for my love of the outdoors. As a kid, my dad would catch anything he could find, from snakes to fish, and even a pet crow he raised from a fledgling. When I was little we would set snake traps, go fishing down the road, and catch innumerable frogs, toads and salamanders together. He taught me where things lived, what they ate, and described their behaviors and survival tactics. I’m fairly confident I can catch anything if I put my mind to it, even if it is just a leopard frog in a 5 gallon bucket by the door (which I would often forget to release).

My mom is a marine biologist, and an avid adventurer. When I was young she would take me out of school to go on my own personal field trips to the ocean to collect sea creatures during minus tides. She taught me everything there is to know about the ocean and the creatures that inhabit the shores. She often tells people that I grew up in tide pools, and I am thankful for that, even if she once told me to touch a dead lion’s mane jelly fish (they still sting when they are dead).

My grandmother was one of the kindest, gentlest women I have ever met, and she made a great steak dinner too. Her love of gardening and plants was slowly transferred to me whenever I would go visit. She was always in the garden, tending her vegetables or her herbs or her flowers, and her yard was always in pristine condition. She taught me to love all things green, and to watch each plant carefully, because it would tell you what it needed.

Problem Solving:
I didn’t get to spend a lot of time with my grandfather before he passed, but I’ve heard stories, and I’ve seen his handiwork and his work bench – he was a problem solver. When something broke, he found a way to fix it. When there had to be an easier way to do something, he found it. I know he loved to tinker, and I guess it makes sense that if I look like him, I should act like him too. I can’t wait to build my own work bench. My inspiration in everything I create comes from him.

I tell you these things, because this is the foundation of who I am, instilled by my biggest heroes and role models.

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